Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snow Country

The forecast for today was 70% Wintry Mix with little to no ice or snow accumulation. 

"Perfect. We can head up to Utica to fetch that 319W.  Do you think we should take the Tacoma or my car?"

"I don't think it matters."

"OK  Let's take the Jetta.  It's got studded snows.  We won't need the 4WD." 

 We were running late, as usual.  Since the appointment was for 0930 I pulled over, just off of Route 12 to phone the seller to let him know we were on our way. 

"Ten minutes out," I claimed.

Two minutes later, we crossed into Snow Country

The road wasn't really slippery.  The change, though was dramatic.  Steven claims it wasn't from Lake Effect; something about the temperature being wrong.  But all of a sudden we went from no snow on the ground to this.  Needless to say, my ETA was off.

One really should check the cleated belt on these old 319s.  I did check the bobbin case and it looked fine.  Not chewed up at all.  It was not IN the machine. It had fallen out onto the board in the bottom of the cabinet.  We loaded her up and headed over to Harbor Freight and out of snow country. 

5127 Commercial Drive, Yorkville. 

"I have never heard of Yorkville," the world traveler said. 

"Neither have I, but Harbor Freight is there."

"They have a retail store?"


We found Commercial Drive but no Harbor Freight.  Thank You, Garmin for getting us lost. 

"There it is!" exclaimed Steven as I turned the car around in the Hubbel's parking lot. "But how do we get there?"

It was on the other side of Route 5, a major 4 lane highway with, we thought, limited access. 

After chasing down all the side roads around  Route 5 in  search  of   HF, we finally just drove down Route 5 and there was a turn off, right into the Parking lot. 

 I had heard that HF had cheap rotary blades that lasted longer than the ones sold to replace the ones for the rotary cutter I own.  The blades were as elusive as the store was.  Finally I found them. 
1.99 for two. We shall see if  1) they fit and 2) they are better.

Just the same I had a blast wandering around the store.  Steven found a tool box and did not even complain that I took a long time just feeding my tool fetish.

By the time we headed home it was raining.  Not enough to rinse the Jetta of its coating of sand and salt.  Darn.

I cleaned the machine up a bit.  Tomorrow I will light a fire in the shop and service its innards.  The cleated belt looks fine.  It turns over smoothly.  It is dusty and needs a good cleaning.  I love my compressor.  Just the tool for the inside of this machine.



  1. Features of the machine?
    Is this the one with"typewriter" keys?

  2. Yes. This has the typewriter keys. It also takes the 206X13 needle. It can be treadled as well. I have another one, exactly like it. I rescued this intending to pass it along.