Tuesday, February 26, 2013

OFF TOPIC Tailgating or FTC; Defensive Driving

 I hate tail gaters.  These are the drivers who follow too closely (FTC).  It really ticks me off.  Yesterday on my way to work, such a driver was following me so closely that I could not see his head lights.  That is close.

I pulled over.  He passed me and promptly came upon the car in front of me and tail gated that car for the next ten miles.  What a jerk.  We were traveling on country roads where the deer and the antelope play (OK no antelope, but certainly deer).  If a deer jumped into the road, there would be no way to avoid the tail gater rear ending the car in front of him. 

So what is the point?  Why drive that closely to another car?  I learned how to drive in the era of allowing one car length between you and the car in front of you  for every ten MPH you were driving.  At thirty MPH that would mean three car lengths.   The problem? I never new how long my car was because all my life I was misinformed on how big six inches really is.

  Now we are taught the three second rule.  Allow at least three seconds time between you and the car in front of you.  Pick a land mark on the side of the road; say a sign post.  When the car in front passes it start counting One Mississippi Two Mississippi and Three Mississippi and you should pass the land mark.  If you pass too soon, slow down.  If you pass later, say at four or five, don't speed up.  This holds true at 30 MPH and at 70 MPH. 

So, if you are a tail gater,  you know if you are, slow down and drop back.  Why risk anyone's life or property?  You never know if someone you are following might have a sewing machine in the trunk.  If you rear end that car, there goes that wonderful machine (I don't mean the car)


  1. Six inches we know. It's 9 we've been lied to about...

  2. When a tailgater follows a vehicle too closely, apparently what they don't realize, is that the closer they get, the more they will make the car in front of them slow down. Are females tailgaters? Seems I've only been 'Gaited' by 4-9 inchers.