Tuesday, October 16, 2012

When was the last time you changed the needle?

During my day job I confess that I am seriously afflicted with SMAD.  It is important that folks feel comfortable during their time with me so I chat up silly things and tell stories.  Usually about the dogs or about sewing and sewing machines.  Universally I hear
Them   "I have an old sewing machine but it doesn't work any more."
 Me  "When was the last time you changed the needle?"
Them  "Oh I don't know."

Gee Whiz


  1. Oh, I confess....I don't do the 'after 8 hour thing' like I should, and I don't keep a record of when I change them (maybe I should! I would probably shock myself!), but when the machine starts sounding different, that is the first thing I think of! (insert embarrassed face here...)

  2. I change mine a lot (and with multiple machines, that means a lot a lot) and I do a miserly cringe every time. I save the used ones in place of tacks on my design board. So in case I should desperately neeeeeeed one, I won't have to go through the trash.
    Love the picture!