Friday, October 12, 2012

Learning how to Truncate the blog

I learned today from Sew Many Ways( that evil persons stole some of her posts.  So in order to prevent spam evil doers from stealing, it is recommended that one truncate the post.  I am trying to learn.
Let's see how it worked.
OK it worked.
I trolled back through my photos and found this one.  I really love the looks of this machine.  Once I service a 15-91 and that Viking that only runs in reverse, I may have to dive into this one. 


  1. I learned how to do that to my blog post too. I went back to an old post and edited it. I use Windows Live Writer, and it took me awhile, but I got it figured out too. There are always a few who have to ruin things, but HEY! ;) We learned something new. Keeps the cobwebs out of the brain!

    I have a straight stitch machine that looks very similar to your machine, and it has the same curved case. It was one of my very first machines I picked up at GW, and I still have it. It threads left to right, makes the most beautiful stitch, and is HEAVY!!! Mine is a 293B.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. ooh, a 223! I've got one of these and just love it. I don't know why more simple machines didn't come with blindstitch plus zig-zag. the 457 did but that one has plastic inside which will die a horrible death.

    My daughter and I made lined draperies for her whole house using great-gramdma's 66 treadle and this tank of a machine. I predict you will love this one. there aren't many of these around either.
    Cheryl Warren