Thursday, October 25, 2012

Clean Parts

 The truth about the 201......Andrea wasn't really sure she didn't want it.  I was really sure that I did.  So I brought it home. 

I had some anxiety over bringing home ANOTHER project when I have a lifetime supply of machines to fix and get stitching.   I am on vacation this week.  It was a week dedicated to sewing machine repair (Originally I was going to a Ray White class ) so I figured I could relieve some anxiety and just get the stupid thing done.

The parts above belong in the machine and motor.   The grease wicks are brand new.  I think I will also put in new brushes.

Let's just hope it stitches....


  1. Sorry to see the class was cancelled and you didn't get to go. Is Mr. White ok? I would love to be able to afford one of his classes. Did you get to reschedule?

    1. I did not reschedule. As far as I know, Mr. White is fine.