Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sewing Machines CHEAPER !!

Saturdays are lovely for me and Betsy.  We often go to yard sales, almost always stop at the SPCA thrift store and generally just play.  Today was no exception.  I picked her up and we headed into town to fetch a "gig" as I call them.  Someone needs their Featherweight serviced.  We picked up the machine, then headed for the thrift store.  Rumor was that there was a machine there "in pretty good shape, for a good price."     The  machine was a beat up old Singer 66, sans slide plate, in a case that was fairly decent for FIFTY DOLLARS.  I think her source was part of the 1 %.  Certainly 50 bucks is NOT a good price.  We left the thrift store with some notions, some fabric and without the machine.  SEE?  We can say no.

Then we headed to the yard sale Betsy read about somewhere.  Since it was on the way to my house, we swung by.  We almost didn't stop.  When we got out of the car, we found that the sellers were folks we know.  "Oh there's an old sewing machine back there.  And she's got a whole 2 Bucks on it."

"Well for two bucks I guess we have to take a look."

It turns over, has a pretty smooth action and, though the stitch selector knob was stuck, it now moves freely after some tri flow.

The cam stack is plastic as are the top gears.  I have no clue how the motor sounds.  I will run it tomorrow.  Maybe.  I gotta sew.  I really gotta sew. 


  1. I brought home a flat bed kenmore that only does straight stitch and zig zag today. Needs a new belt, but it is the 1.2 amp motor. The price of 13.00 helped a lot too!

  2. SMAD! that's what I have! Thanks for the diagnosis. A friend of mine has machine I've never heard of, but I want it. It's METALLIC AQUA for pete's sake! It's an Eau Claire Deluxe, in a cabinet and my spousal equivalent says NO MORE SEWING MACHINES! I'm not quite sure what that means. Love your posts and quests!

  3. We picked up a Viking 6020 today with 4 decorative cams, most of the feet, the instruction book and a cabinet and stool for $2.50 at a church sale. Yes, you read that right. We donated the cabinet and I 'unstuck' the reverse button, the presser foot bar, and several of the joints that should have moved, but didn't. Sad ending though....the plastic cam stack is broken. Replacement is $55, or $45 on ebay. Replacement looks simple enough, as there is a 'how to' video, but I don't know if I want to spend the money on a machine I don't plan on using. I don't want to spend that much on a machine to donate either. I could part it out, but for now, it will sew a straight stitch, so maybe when 'my ship comes in',I'll think about buying the part and having my sweet hubby fix it. The GOOD news, is, that while hubby was buying the Viking, he was telling the story about how we donate to the Sewing Machine Project, and one of the gals working sent him to her house and GAVE us a modern Singer 30518 to donate to the Sewing Machine Project. Blessings keep flowing!

    I hope all your gears are in good shape and you get this one running!