Monday, October 8, 2012

Lined zippered bag

I wanted to make something for my student, Laura.  She is leaving me tomorrow and I will miss her.  We had such a good time together.  She was very kind and listened to me rave about sewing machines.  She doesn't sew.  She has little time right now.  She works, goes to school and is Mom to two children.  I just have 80 plus sewing machines and three dogs.  The DH takes care of himself.

So I made a little lined zippered pouch yesterday.  I took it to work today, Laura was there, and I played around with it trying to figure out how to make it prettier and better and more useful.  I decided to box the corners, top stitch around the zipper to make it recessed and add a strap.

Of course I started over with new fabric 

I had some trouble and this is not the best prototype. But it is made with love and I want her to have it flaws and all.  I can make a better one and send it to her.  Still, I am happy with how it came out.

(The photo is blurry because I can't find the camera and took this with my I phone.)
 I lined it with some red fabric I had in my stash.

Let me say that I love my Kenmore 158.96.  I have said it before.  I like it better than the Singer 201 which is stitching rather poorly these days.  I have it apart, again.  I switched out the tension assembly but that didn't help.  Next I will switch bobbin cases.  Then I will pull the dang hook.

But tonight I sewed.  The dogs kept me company until 1030 when they got restless.  Then they weren't such good company.  But at 1100  I was finished.  We all traipsed in to settle in next to the fire. It is heating season.