Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sewing Machines CHEAP !!

Steven was shopping for a new truck and invited me to go with him last Sunday.  He had diligently done his homework and found just the truck he wanted at a dealership in Schenectady.  I checked Craigslist and found this machine listed for 20 bucks.  There's a no brainer.
Kenmore 158.1940

After finding out that the truck Steven wanted was actually in Massachusetts (don't ask, I don't understand)

we headed to Trader Joe's and then on up the Northway to Clifton Park to fetch this machine.  Turns out, Betsy and I had been to this same address in June.  They recognized me and I recognized them. Last June we bought Mom's machine; this time I bought hers.  "I just don't use it and am trying to clear out."

I hear that story over and over again.  People just don't sew.  Tonight, though, we had company and I delighted in showing off the machines to our guests.  D. loves to sew.  She learned on a 201.  She wants one.  Her husband left tonight fearful that she will want more machines if she gets the 201.  Of course I know she will, but I am determined to find her a 201.  Is it bad to try to infect others with SMAD  (Sewing Machine Acquisition Disorder) ?


  1. Spread the JOY baby! Spread the JOY!!! Hee hee hee!

  2. If your "trying to infect" someone.... yes bad, very bad! If you are just enabling... a tad bit... then, no! Everyone should have a hobby/job/craft/activity to keep them busy! LoL....

  3. Lovely! These are awesome machines. My newest love affair is with a Kenmore 158.1914, also free arm and very similar to this one. Does this do chainstitching? the 1914 does and I was really surprised to discover that.