Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Could this be the reason?

I have been complaining about my 201-2 for months.  I serviced it to no avail about a month ago. The stitch is still lousy.  Two nights ago I took the bobbin case out, intending to switch it out for another.  As long as I had all that apart, I figured I would just go one step (ok, well TWO steps) further and check the position bracket.  I was too tired to do so Sunday night.  Tonight, despite the glass of very nice Albarino (I wasn't actually OPERATING machinery) I took the feed dogs off and removed the position bracket.

It was bent

Remeber this photo?

 Well the position bracket was bent just like the one in the photo.

I bent it back.

I am sure the metal is fatigued.  But I wonder what makes it bend?  I honestly do not remember taking the position bracket off of this machine, ever.  I don't know if something I did bent it or if it came to me bent.  So tomorrow I will clean it and oil it and put it all back together.   Hope that helps.  Gosh, I wish I knew what made it bend.  Guess its time to post a question on VintageSingers.

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