Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Machine Repair Hiatus

So, I had a choice.  A cast or a removable splint.  Anyone who has ever had a cast on knows how icky they are.  I went for the removable splint.  It must stay on all the time for four weeks except for showering. 
No Wedding Ring.  I can prowl the bars now,  right?

Already the thumb feels better. (Boy, can you tell that I am almost  60 by looking at that old hand?)

BUT  I cannot do my job, because it requires gloves and two hands ( no I am not a surgeon).  I cannot put a glove over the splint and it will get dirty, but not as dirty as a cast.

I think I will be able to sew

I cannot work on machines...maybe.

The dogs all need haircuts.  I think I can run the clipper with my right hand and Steven said he would bathe them....

Good thing.  We found a deer tick on Wrigley today.....Dang Indian Summer.  It always brings out the ticks.  BUT  it will be colder soon and less worry. 

Still, I wonder if there isn't some way that I could work on machines.   I mean as long as that thumb is protected right????

But, the hand surgeon advised that, while the fracture looks well aligned now, if I were to re-injure it, I would be looking at surgery.

OK  I will put on my Big Girl Panties and behave......

But I can still sew.....

How bad would it be to just clean up the Pittsburgh 201?  Maybe I could pull the tension assembly from the Elgin and put it on the Jeans machine we need to fix?  I definitely can clean the house.  I definitely can sew.....


  1. Ok Elizabeth, be a GOOD GIRL and do what the dr says. It will soon be healed. You could take up reading! That is less dangerous! (?)

  2. Study. You can use the mouse...Read the entire archives of all the Yahoo sewing machine groups, and the sewing groups. Keep the arm in a sling, to reduce temptation.

  3. No, you're supposed to say "I can't clean the house, but I can fix a sewing machine."
    Seriously you shouldn't do either. Milk it for all its worth...

    1. Well I can shop on eBay and bid on 201s in Trapezoid cabinets...and lose the bid....whew....