Sunday, June 2, 2013

Where's the Phone?

Yesterday, after I cleaned up one 301 and got it ready to list.
Betsy pulled out the other 301 she brought over.  A long bed.
The machines are the same color.  I think that the lighting is different in these two shots.

The foot controller had been replaced with a modern one.  The new wires were twisted together and covered with electrical tape.  Not MY idea of a good job.

 I decided to solder on new leads.  I also put on a new plug.  I was so stinking proud of myself. 
It even powered the light on when I tried it last night.  The motor wasn't re-attached to the machine last night so I couldn't fully test it.  But I was so sure it would work.

Well, today, after I got the 15-91 back together, I tried it out.  The light came on, but no juice to the foot controller.  I was BUMMED.  I was sure the foot controller was at fault.  So I cut the wires I had so carefully soldered on the night before
while the foot controller was still plugged in.

Betsy was standing next to me.  I couldn't believe I had done that. The power strip was OFF, but the machine was still plugged in.  It was the stupidist thing I could have done.

"It's a good thing I know CPR!" she said. "But wait, where's the phone?  Aren't I supposed to call 911 FIRST and then start?" 

It's just a good thing that the power strip had been turned off.  Now I know what kind of idiot the manufacturers are directing those instructions to about unplugging the cord before installing the light switch.   ME.


  1. somebody neededtobestandingbytoYell CLEAR!

    So glad you are safe!

    am I dizzy, ordoesthesecond machine go downhilltowardstheneedle?

    anddon'tyoulivehow SWYPE interactswith blogspot? badly, very badly...

    1. The second machine does not go down hill toward the needle. The photographer does.

  2. Very, very glad you are OK.