Thursday, June 6, 2013


I am not tidy by nature.  I admire folk who keep a clean desk at work,  do the dishes every night and make the bed every morning.  I could emulate them, but it is easier to admire. 

My sewing space is a mess.  I have inherited some supplies from Ingrid and I just don't have any place to put the stuff.  My cutting table was piled high with so much stuff.  It was distressing.  Last week I decided that I would just start sewing and use up the stuff on the table.  I made a dog bed from some old quilt blocks that I bought for a dollar at the thrift store.  I liked the animal fabric (zebras and such) and did not realize that the fabric was already cut up and sewn together as squares.  I just threw them together, put in a zipper and called it good.

I found some other squares in the same stash.  I decided to make a tote bag with a tabbed zipper.  I finished it today, after several permutations on the zipper.  I am pleased with the results.  I can use it as my carry on when I travel to see Mom for a weekend. 
I started it with the 201-2 from 1940 and finished it with the 15-91.  I really like that machine.  It isn't as elegant as the 201-2.  The 15-91 is more like me; strong, peasant stock. 

I used it to mend Max's leather jacket.  It never protested. 

I also emptied out a basket and found a couple of pieces of narrow, but long, batting.  What the heck am I saving THAT for?   You know.  Just in case. 

The Kenmore was all set up so I "experimented" with one of the stretch stitches and sewed the two pieces together, edge to edge.  It worked great.  Now I have one long piece of 6 inch wide batting instead of two long pieces of 3 inch wide batting. 

I had fun making stuff with what I had on the table.  It was also quite gratifying to finally mend Max's jacket.  The other armpit seam is coming apart, too.  Guess I will have to fix it.  I honestly think that this jacket is too small for him.  But he loves it and I love him so I will fix it all up.   Then I can get it out of here.


  1. True, the 201 makes elegant stitches, but I think the body of the 15-91 is more elegant than the 201. The 15 has more curves and bends - very feminine; the 201 is long and lean - very athletic. When it comes to sewing the 201 is like a limo; the 15-91 like a tractor.

    If you're going for a ride - choose the 201 for those long, straight and fast highway trips, but if you just want to meander along those windy country and city roadways - choose the 15.

  2. I wish I had written that first paragraph!

    I like things organized, but my organization and a neatnik's neat are unrelated!

  3. You've been busy! I need to get busy and get some sewing done too!

  4. Guess Max's jacket is going to last a good long time then!! lol

    The bags look fabulous!