Thursday, June 13, 2013

Juki MO 735

The serger came today.  I am pretty impressed.  TNMITW ordered it yesterday from his distributor.  It arrived on my doorstep today.

When I arrived home tonight from my long day, Steven met me at the door and pointed

"Look what came today."

I was astounded.  I carried it to the dining room table.  He took the knife to the tape and started opening it.

He couldn't wait.

We looked it over and determined that all is well.  One little piece fell out of the storage compartment when I opened it up. Uh Oh.

"I bet that fits right in there." Indicating a small spot in the storage compartment.  I checked the manual.  He was right.  WHEW.

I worked all day today and there is no way that I am going to try anything with this machine until I have had a good night's sleep.  I work tomorrow morning.  I may attempt setting it up in its new home tomorrow afternoon.  But no sewing until Saturday AM.  NONE. 
And then I may need supervision.


  1. Wow, I can't believe it, a new machine. Must have the wrong blog. I have never used a server, as I just sew quilts. Just the threading looks ominous. Congratulation!

    1. Now Linda, the blog title is M Sewing Machine Obsession and technically sergers are a sort of sewing machine. Be reassured that I likely won't be buying a new computerized Singer!!

  2. Miss Juki looks so much easier to use than my older Viking. Nothing like being the first to break her in - No lint to clean out before you get started!!!! I used to sew on a commercial Juki - they are sooooo fast. Sergers remind me of spiders spinning out their webs with all those perfectly coordinated legs.

    A tip for everyone who receives a sewing machine well packed in a box:

    Put the box on the floor - not up high on a table. Sometimes enthusiasm to see what's inside that well packed box ends up in a machine flying off the table onto the floor. I have a lovely singer 99 that met that fate. Now I have a lovely 99 that has broken and bent parts and maybe can never be fixed. Lesson learned: Open the box on the floor.

  3. Looks lovely sitting on the perfect fabric.

    1. That is my table cloth. Oil cloth from

  4. As far as i can see most Bernina overlockers have been made by Juki. Can you spot the difference between the Juki MO 735 and the Bernina 1150 MDA?