Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kenmore 158.1803 Belts

A reader emailed requesting help with a Kenmore 1803.  The question:    I can't figure how to get the wheel off, so I can get the door off, so I can get at the belts!

I presume the wheel is the hand wheel. First I popped the top off of the machine.  I opened the door to the camstack and just pulled if off.  It is pressure fitted.   This machine has a little plastic cover that fits over the end of the hand wheel.  It is also  pressure fitted.  It pops off with a small screw driver.  My particular specimen is missing its plastic piece.  Underneath it you will see  a screw.  That screw holds the hand wheel in place. remove it.  I say loosen it in the photo.  Forgive me.  It must be removed.  That will allow the hand wheel to pull off.

 There are two screws holding the end piece in place.  Remove them.  The end piece lifts up and off.

The motor bracket nut must be loosened and the motor lifts up toward the top of the machine which will then allow slack in the belts so that they can  be removed.

Hopefully this helps.  I did not actually remove the belts today.  I honestly don't remember if I did remove the belts when I serviced this machine.  I know I took the handwheel off.  That is why its cover piece is missing.  Wonder if Sears Parts Direct has it.

The clutch on this machine is faulty.  I think it can be replaced.  Sears had it last time I checked.  I may have to consider replacing it as a Continuing Education Project.



  1. And another OldKenmoreSewingMachines hit!

  2. Hello! I have this machine that was left to me from my grandmother and would love to use it but it keeps stalling. I read your blog about to check the belts but everything looks ok. I've seen oiled it and even tried "loosening gunk" with me hair dyer. The needle is not working in sync with the hand wheel while running power through the pedal; only manually turning. I can't figure out what could possibly be causing this issue and was hoping you may know from experience. Thanks!

    1. The bobbin winder clutch may need oil. It's the only thing that I can think of