Friday, June 21, 2013

More Room

I tried FMQ with no thread last night on the treadle.  It was awkward and felt as if I needed more working room.

I took the top off of a school table and put it on the treadle stand.  Then I brought a stand up from the shop (I actually brought two up, the first one didn't fit right) and set it up between the treadle and the window.  The top lifts up so that I can access the sliding glass door.  I covered it with an oil cloth table cloth I was ditching and VOILA.

I got absolutely no sewing done today.  I packed up a machine to send to the DGD in California.  Then I kept organizing and re-arranging and moving this and that.  Oh and I walked the dogs.


  1. Some days are just like that, whats really happening is great quilt ideas are growing in your mind.

  2. Sooo nice! What I wouldn't give for some room.