Sunday, December 30, 2012

Singer Touch and Sew 638

My friend Betsy loves a challenge.  She took in a sewing machine to fix.  She traced the problem to a set of gears, called the machine representative (not the owner) to inform her that the gears were trash.  We can find the gears and replace them, but it will take hours. 
Because it is not B.'s machine, she has to get back to us.  Still it isn't worth fixing.  The other gears, plastic also, are ready to go

We were looking this machine over when, all of a sudden, my friend Betsy remembered that she had a very similar machine.  She dug it out and lo and behold.  It is a Touch and Sew.  But an older model.  A 603.  With metal gears.

(Betsy has a compressor and loves hers, too.)

Maybe B.'s friend will want this Singer 603.  It is a far superior machine.  It stitches well, even without a cleaning.
  It does not have a built in button holer.  But, it has metal gears which will never need replacing.
Seems like a no brainer to me. 


  1. Looks like the 603 is a nice machine. When I pick up old Singers, I usually don't pick up the 600 or higher series. I love the 400 through 500 series probably the most.

  2. The Singer 603 is a no brainer IF the owner doesn't have a sentimental attachment to his/her SInger 638.
    The gears in the 600 series don't look like they'd be difficult to replace.
    And once they were replaced the machine would be good as new.

  3. Hello, I personally like the # 600 and #603 machines. Many sewers love the #401 and #500.. ( I can't stand the "Mocha" color- I learned on those). Those are excellent
    machines, but there is something I love about the "self winding" bobbin.. Many people have a difficult time with them, stating they have a "birds-nest" underneath. I have
    never had that happen and can't figure out what they are doing wrong (reading the directions helps). Slant needle "Professional buttonholers" or the "Touch and Sew"
    buttonholer (same, different name) will produce a buttonhole which will give the most expensive Bernina serious competition. These are easily found on E-bay for a small
    amount of money.The gears in the 638 are not too difficult to replace, but those machines with "plastic gears" will never be as "smooth sewing" as the older metal geared
    Singer. Just turning the hand-wheel is far more difficult, as well as the fact the older motors were a "ball bearing" style as opposed to the newer cheaper "sleeve" bearings...
    Happy Sewing, Richard Ransom Beman