Saturday, December 22, 2012

No wonder

I love this machine.  It is a Kenmore 158.511. It is the quietest machine I own.
When I was dusting this morning (a veritable miracle in this household, dusting, that is) I noticed a distinct similarity between Lila (one of the few machines with a name) and the recent Salvation Army purchase.
Most likely all of the end loading, class 15 zig zag machines of that era look alike. This one is quiet too.  But not as quiet as the Kenmore.  Of course, I must fix the rattle and I am bound and determined to do that today.  Dusting will have to wait !


  1. Yes, they are great designs. I have a New Home 534 and Kenmore 503 that look very similar to yours. They purr and can be on treadle stands too.