Tuesday, December 4, 2012


We are at Barkwells, in Mills River, NC.  It is a doggie resort.  http://barkwells.com/
Our cabin, Bo's Hideaway, has a large fenced in yard with lots of large trees   There is a family of SQUIRRELS living in those trees and the dogs are in heaven.  Wrigley, unfortunately, has lost his "big yard with the pond " privileges.  Yesterday, I knew better, but let him off leash and he and a border collie got into a tiff.  Wilson joined in.  No harm, no foul, no blood, not even any flying fur. Just a whole lot of NOISE.    I was upset and mortified and decided that its best if we just avoid that whole scene.  Wrigley is over it already.  I, on the other hand, feel sad that he can't go jump in the pond.  Not to mention that I feel like a pariah.  Oh, she has one of THOSE BAD DOGS.    Wrigley is just a dog.  Dogs have their ways of working things out.  We humans don't get it and never will.

I still love him.  How can I NOT?

OK  so we are SEWING, too.
Pajama bottoms.  Alice is learning to use her machine and I made a fleece hat today.  Unfortunately the feed dogs on my machine are off a bit.  I am sure they need oil and heat.  I had serviced the machine when I first got it.  But I did not check the feed dog drop.  It was stuck.  So I got the release freed up and moving today and some how managed to move the feed dogs lower but cannot get them to go back up to their original height. It looks like they should be at their original height, but they aren't.  It must be something I did.  But I can play with it tomorrow.  I think that it will sew ok on regular fabric.  But the fleece is so thick that I need all the grip I can get (TWSS).

We bought some berber fleece by the pound at Foam and Fabric out let.  I bought a big bag full for 15 bucks.  I think I may have to go back to get  more.  I especially love the red stuff I bought.  I made a hat today, copying one that Alice brought with her.

I think I need a better photographer.  More light and a hair brush....

I also finished up a purse that I started on Saturday.

I lined it and put pockets on both sides of the inside

I am getting much better at bag construction.  I like this little bag.  I carry one like it.  I think I could make it out of some very nice soft leather.  OOOHHH.  Might have to find some.  I think Foam and Fabric sells it.



  1. I so understand the dog thing. My dogs are better behaved then most, but my dogs don't like some dog personalities.

    thanks for the continued inspiration to get to work on my machines.