Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More vacation sewing

Alice made a pair of PJ bottom's for Sarah, our niece.

We are also in the process of making more  fleece hats.  I think we will have to adjust the pattern a bit.  I made the top of the hat too oval, it sits like a hat box on the head.  I adjusted the one I made and it fits me better.  I wanted Alice to model it.  It doesn't fit her.

So here I am.  I have adjusted one side.  Tomorrow I will adjust the other.  I rather like the two colors.  It is comfy.  I am wearing it now.

(Holy Cow.  I have some GRAY in my hair! I don't see THAT when I look in the mirror !!  Maybe it is only the lighting......)

For comparison

Now in all honesty, I  do prefer the red one.  It has that rather funky, Annie Hall  look to it.  I am pretty sure that with some creative stitching I can fix all the bubbles in the top.  Now I can't wait to make another one with a more rounded top inset.  Or maybe I will switch to a different pattern all together.

Fleece is an easy fabric to sew.  I never knew.  Actually, now that I remember, I made the dogs fleece lined coats a while back.  That was not as much fun to work as this material is.  I must go get more.  Hope they have more red.  This particular one is less stretchy than the blue.

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  1. Cute hats and pj bottoms. Have enjoyed the dog pictures, too.