Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why I love my compressor

 After I cleared the driveway, cleaned the dog pen and had lunch I was able to FINALLY get to the shop to play.  I have several Singer 201-2s that need work.  I dove in to this one because I think it won't need motor re-wiring.  I hope I hope.  I did buy it on speculation.  A friend of ours wants a 201 and if she hasn't found one of her own by the time I get this one serviced, I will ask if she wants it.

The serial number places it at 1948 but we all know that is when the serial numbers were assigned.  The date does not necessarily indicate it was made then.  But close.  So it is 64 or so years old. If you want to listen click the link:

So far the motor wiring looks good.  I am having a devil of a time getting the motor mount screws loosened, however.  So I turned to other tasks.  Such as the bobbin case and feed dogs.

The machine has been fairly well maintained.  It has the usual scratches on the bed, that is to be expected.  The feed dogs were a bit packed with lint. 

But I have seen much worse.  Come to think of it, the White Model 130 that I just serviced last week had truly trashy feed dogs.
No problem.  I plugged in the compressor and blasted away.  I did remove the dogs, the position bracket and the bobbin case to get it this clean.  But the compressor blew away the lint.  What fun.

 Maybe you will be able to see the difference between these two photos.  Maybe not.  But I blasted the dust away with the compressor.  It sure makes for a quick job.

I discovered that the screws to the shuttle gear cover are much more accessible with the machine in this position.  I popped that puppy right off and discovered, oh horror, dry gears.

The back ones were just as bad

Now, just a bit wet with Tri -Flow grease.
I don't know about you, but that just makes me feel so much better.

The hook was pretty dirty with dust, lint and thread bits. I swabbed it out with denatured alcohol being very careful not to get any on the bed of the machine.  I like denatured alcohol the best for cleaning out the hook.  It just gets it so clean.  Then I apply some Tri-Flow and put it all back together.
The action is much better now.  I still have to get the motor off and service the needle bar, presser foot bar and the top gears.  I don't think I will need to rewire the motor.  Though, it might not hurt.  After all, it is almost 64.  Hmmmm.  Probably should.  But then does that mean I should also rewire the light?  Hmmmmm.  Gotta think that one through.  I wonder if Rain ever re-wires lights?  I wonder if I could talk him into doing a tutorial?  Hmmmmmm  I wonder if he is still blogging?  Hmmmmm


  1. Ha, I thought I was going to be listening to a video of the machine running...
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Unless you see a lot of degradation in the wiring insulation, leave well enough alone, and move onto saving the rest of the sewing machine world.
    Can you use the compressor to clean the driveway? Just kidding.

    1. Snow blower by Husqvarna clears the driveway and when I'M 64 I won't be doing any snow blowing...I hope I hope. OK no light re-wiring. Good advice. I can always count on you for that.