Monday, December 17, 2012

Sitting on a Gold Mine

Saturday we sold a machine.  A very nice Kenmore 158.1430.  It had a button hole attachment and the  manual.  Shoot, we should have copied the manual.  We have two more just like it. 
It was the nicest machine of the bunch.  We had a variety of machines to show her.  A Singer 328, a Singer 401, a Kenmore free arm, a White Class 15 end loader and a very nice Japanese class 15 clone.   All a variety of prices.  She liked this one.  So do I.  Glad I have two more....

We did well with this machine.  But we are still not "sitting on a gold mine."  We can't quit the day jobs.  But maybe now we can send in that order to Brewer Connect..... Hmmmm  I might need to edit it .  I went a bit overboard buying quilting thread.....and scissors.....  I was trying to get free shipping, honest.  I mean don't we really need those scissors and that thread? 


  1. is the brewer connect your favorite place to order? I just found a place called Wawak and their thread prices were good! Nice Kenmore!

  2. Get your manual pdf here:

  3. Too funny...yes... it's tempting to buy lots of new scissors.... but how many can we use at one time? (Something my mom always told me!) I just make sure that my Gingers are sharp and I'm good to go... then again I have a couple pair of Fiskers and another pair of the softouch Fishkers... hmm couple pairs of pinks... not counting snips... O.K. scratch what I said b/4... Go For It! I do like that Kenmore though.