Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What WAS I thinking?

 I have wanted a long bed 301 and now I have one.  I also have a project.

I just could not stand it.  The dogs were hungry, I was hungry and cold but I had to clean up this machine a little bit.  And WHAT is that stuff that looks like peanut butter?  I tried degreaser, denatured alcohol and finally got out the big guns...kerosene.   Even though I had the little space heater on, it was cold in the shop.  I put the face plate 'door" on a rag on top of the heater and that helped a whole lot.  I am sure warming the sucker up will help.  For now, though,  I managed with a toothbrush and some kero.  I may have to bring this machine into the house to get it warm enough.  BUT  right now it reeks of kerosene.

The shop does not freeze so I am sure the machine will be fine there.  It awaits me....I hope to get back to it on the weekend.
Two more images of the presser foot spring:
Before.  The black stuff at the right end of the spring is congealed oil, I think.  It is pretty thick.

Oh, yes,  the top gears after...
I have not looked at the bottom of the machine but I imagine it is in the same shape as the rest of the machine.

The case is a stinky mess and I have already ripped out some of the moldy interior fabric.  It needs to bake in the oven to get rid of the mold.  But not in my oven.......  Maybe I can get a good hot fire going and put it right next to the stove out in the shop......NOt too close. 


  1. Yes, you DO have a project there, but just think how happy that machine will be when you are finished with it. Bless your heart. You saved another one!

  2. Gotta love of :))) Mocha longbed was the first 301 I ever purchased.
    These machines are awesome ~ enjoy!

  3. You were thinking the electrical is a piece of cake compared to the physical act of degreasing that goo.

  4. car grease, is my bet. i was cleaning a little brother that had it everywhere, and the smell took me back to a car i once owned with a bad ball joint i used to grease every other day...