Sunday, February 19, 2012

Treadle On

We had a BLAST. It was cold in there but we managed to have a few folks actually try out the machines.  I wish I had taken more photos.  I just was too busy sewing and chatting with people.  I could retire if I had a thousand bucks for all the people who said"I wonder whatever happened to that old machine we had?"  or "My grandmother had a machine like that."    We even had some kids try out the hand crank and the treadles.  A.  actually made a tote bag on the hand crank.  Here she is winding the bobbin  She loved that little hand crank.

Two darling sisters made tote bags as well.  I helped Z  and Betsy helped L.  Z. ran the hand crank as she sat on my lap and L. guided the fabric as she sat on Betsy's lap.  I would post their photos, but I don't have permission.  They are adorable girls and so into sewing.  L. kept saying she wanted to buy a machine.  Let's hope she gets a vintage one.  Not a Wal mart special.

Looks like we could go back for another demo.  But in the warmer months.  Just the same, it was fun to be there showing folks these great old machines. 

In the photo above.  A Hand crank VS 28,  Betsy's "new" Red Head treadle and my VS 27.  All these machines are older than dirt and still stitching.


  1. A great way to spread the word ~ this is so cool for you two :)

  2. Sounds like everyone had a great time. I have to say I have a new Janome but I LOVE sewing with my hand crank Brother Prestige. I know it takes a little longer to sew a bigger project but I enjoy the process of garment construction not just the end result. They're just a bunch of fun!