Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I am still trying to figure out how to teach a class on constructing a quilted, nine patch tote bag.  I am a trial and error kind of creator.  So the first attempt was too complex.  So was the second.  This third attempt seems pretty straight forward but the end product was smaller than I wanted.  So I am in process of creating a larger one.   The quilting on this is totally bogus.  I just used the Featherweight with the presser foot down and just moved the piece around in the free form pattern.  I should have just quilted in the ditch.  The iPad fits perfectly in this. 
My sister loves this pink fabric.  She selected it to go in a Texas star quilt I made for her years ago.  I could not work with it so I found something else to go in the quilt.  This fabric has been kickking around for a while, then.  I think I will send this little bag to her.  I have a lot of the fabric left so I think I will make an Irish chain quilt out of the rest of it.  It will be a little lap quilt, but at least Alice will have something from that fabric.

I have used the Featherweight for all of the piecing on these projects.  I do like it. I find that my seams are straighter and the stitches are very uniform.  Such precision requires less "squaring up" at the end.  Gotta love that.

This larger tote is ready to quilt.  While I would love to do some free form quilting, I think I will stick to ditch stitching.  It is a demonstration project, after all.  Once it is quilted, I will stitch it up the sides and gusset the bottom to give it some shape.  These are my colors. 

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  1. The bag is cute! I'm not sure I agree that it needs to be bigger...beginners will be happy with anything they get to take home and fitting an iPad will be very handy!

    Also love the colors on the second one! :)