Friday, February 17, 2012

Singer Vibrating Shuttle 27

This is Winnie.  I bought this machine on Christmas eve morning 2010.  I was just a baby when it came to sewing machine acquisition and I fell for this machine.  It had a really nice base and a beautiful coffin top.  But no irons.  I am an idiot.  I paid too much and brought her home.

I found a set of irons and thought they would fit the cabinet.  Nope.  So I asked Steven to help me make a plain top for the irons so that I could more easily transport machine and  base to the Farmer's Market tomorrow.  Betsy and I are on display showing off treadling. 

Steve did a great job cutting out the hole for the machine but I forgot all about the belt.  Tonight we had to figure that out.  "We" didn't have the right tools, since the jigsaw was at the job site.  But "We" used the drill and just made do.  The machine works but the belt does rub at the front.  "We" can fix that once this demonstration is over.

I love this machine.  It's serial number dates it to 1898.  Grampa was 10 when this machine was made.  It makes a lovely stitch now that I finally have then tension right.  I do love the little dance a Vibrating shuttle makes.  Bobbin winding is quite satisfying, I might add.  All in all, I think this will be a fun demonstration.  The treadle base is light enough so that I could move it myself.  I do wish that I could have put a second coat of varnish on the top.  Just ran out of time.  Its that FTJ (full time job) that gets in the way.


  1. She's beautiful. Have fun tomorrow!

  2. Ah, my kingdom for a lovely set of Sphinx decals. Yes, the holes for the belt are positioned at an angle, couldn't you still do that with only a drill and a steady hand?
    It must be so satisfying though to know you have rescued this immortal beauty and you are armed with the personal know-how to even contemplate making the table.

  3. That is what "We" did. A drill and a steady hand.

  4. She's a beauty :) Nice job on the table.