Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Singer 221 continued

The commutator on the motor looked ok from this angle.  I did not want to take the motor off and dis-mantle it last night.  The one brush that I took out looked pretty good, as well.  It certianly was not oily  and the motor did not smell when I ran it. Nor did it smoke.  Both very good signs.

I did put a little grease in the motor grease port. 
Tomorrow I have to go to Albany again.  I have to pick up a long bed 301.  I really want it for free motion quilting.  There is also a vintage Monty Ward there that I may be able to pick up.  Those machines, I believe, were also Japanese made machines.  It may be a good one.



  1. uhmm, you're thinking that you like sewing machines? ;0) Know what you mean, though. I am this close to fetching a treadle that I don't need, doesn't have slide plates, and don't have room for! The FTJ will take up most of my day, so hopefully I'll forget about it....

  2. You're thinking everything stamped Elizabethport is code for "Elizabeth must imPORT"
    Well, that was slightly lame, but perhaps mildly amusing.

  3. IMHO, you're thinking quite clearly, my friend :) Ray W. would be proud of you.
    I love 301s for FMQ, and 221s are great for piecing. Excellent signs re. the motor. You are batting a thousand :)))