Monday, February 20, 2012


I "won" this Featherweight on eBay.  It was located in the Northern Catskills and since I work just north of the northern Catskills, I figured I could pick it up if I had the winning bid.  When I contacted the buyer to see if I could pick it up, turns out I know her.

This machine originally sold a week or so ago but the first buyer backed out of the deal.  When it was re-listed I decided to bid, what the heck.  I did not really want it.....but I did really want it.... It is just so darn cute.   I could tell that the decals were in good shape from the photo.  My other two are not so cosmetically together.

There is something about eBay.  I am better than I used to be.  I now can just decide, ok that's it, no higher... Just the same, I was anxious as the last minutes ticked away on this item.  It came to me for 4 bucks under my highest bid.  I felt relieved at the same time that I was thinking...."What are YOU THINKING."

But how serendipitous that I know the seller!!!!   I picked the machine up after work tonight.  As it turns out I actually work in the Northern Catskills.. Who knew?  The sellers are antique dealers, of sorts.  Lovely folks and I am pleased that the deal came through.  There is another sewing machine at that address.  But I resisted.  It is a gorgeous 128 but rusty and, well, I have a couple of those. Still.....

The case is in OK shape and it has a KEY.

The screw on the spool pin base was terribly stripped but I managed to free it up.  I guess I will have to find a replacement for this.

The gears were dry.  Which is probably better than being wet and over oiled or greased.
I cleaned them all up tonight.  New grease on gears.  After I clean all the old grease off I like to put some new grease on and clean it all off too.  I think that helps get the old grease off. 
Then I rotate the handwheel to distribute the new grease.

I just ordered the new screw for the spool pin from Jenny at Sew-Classic.  I can't say enough about her site.  She is honest and dependable.  She ships quickly and her rates are so reasonable.  If you ever need anything she has, you should just buy it from her.

I did test the machine.  She stitches and I will do more cleaning and servicing tomorrow.

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  1. Yay :))) She's adorable! Great tip about cleaning w new grease, thanks :)