Monday, February 13, 2012

201 Centennial

Yesterday after Betsy and I worked on the lesson plans some,  we checked Craigslist.  Sometimes checking Craigslist is just plain tedious.  I had been seeing the same machines listed and re-listed over and over again.  But yesterday we saw  a new listing.  I knew right away that it was a 201.  So I responded and made arrangements to fetch it tonight.  Betsy had to work and I had to work but we met on the way and drove over in Cherry the Sewing Machine Chariot.

I have surprised more than one seller at the number of machines I can fit into this little VW  Jetta Sportwagon.  I name all my cars.  I always have.  When I was a kid and did not have a lot of money I believed that if I named my cars, they would treat me well.  It has worked so far.  Today though, Cherry did not look this sleek.  It snowed last night, just enough to warrant salt spreading.   She now has a blanket of salt on her nice red paint. It probably prevented that cop in Cobleskill form nailing me for 45 in the 30 zone.  

I use a Garmin to help me find my way.  I thought I knew right where I was going tonight, but let the Garmin lead me astray.  If we had been crows we would have been fine following the more or less straight line that the Garmin determined to be the quickest route.  We are not crows and so we ended up a bit lost and a bit late to our destination.  Next time, I will just ignore the blasted thing.  

I have no idea if these Centennials have more value than others.  The machine is in good shape.  The wires, THANKFULLY, are still intact and there does not appear to be any melting of the insultation.  the foot controller and power cord are not original.  The light works and the motor runs.  And  as my friend Andrea says , "The stabby thing goes up and down."   I am very pleased with this.  It came with some bobbins and in a library cabinet.  We looked at a treadle cabinet that was for sale.  It is a project and I am not into more projects.  Though it is lovely.  I think that we convinced the seller that she could, indeed, refinish it and enjoy it without much worry about devaluing it.  After all, it really is not a priceless antique.  
Betsy picked up a red head.  Not me.  A Singer 66 Red Head.  It is lovely and will, hopefully, fit into her orphan treadle base.  I would have bought it if she hadn't.  I love love love the Singer 66.  But it looks as if the 201 is my logo.  Not that there is anything wrong that. 


  1. Butterfield's. What a truly uninspired name when compared to The Stitch Witch.

  2. Why hello there :)
    She's beautiful - I also adore 201s (working on someone's now); only downside for me is moving them ;)