Saturday, February 25, 2012


I am trying to get organized.  Taking inventory is the first step.  Originally I had intended to take a photo of each machine, write all of its pertinent data on a card and catalog each machine.  Instead I spent the morning with two magnifying glasses, a very good light and lots of loose sewing machine needles.  Now I have all of the loose sewing machine needles organized and put away.  Only two of about 25 had burr on the tip.  Not too bad.  Still, I won't know how they sew until I actually use them.

Once I had that distraction managed, I repaired the wire on the 158.960 that came from eBay.   I did not completely re-wire the plug.  Instead I carefully slit the two wires apart

and wrapped each one with a bit of electrical tape and then wrapped electrical tape around both of them to complete the repair.  Good enough.  I will, undoubtedly, repair it if I ever sell this machine.

I had to fix the design board next.  It wasn't tight enough, I thought.  Here it is before.  Sorry, no after photo.

 After I walked the dogs I finished a "tool kit" I had started.  I rather like having my tools handy and I now have a "roll up" for scissors, needles, tape measure, seam ripper, marking pen, ruler and other miscellanea.

Supper time came and I had to prepare something since Steven put up my new shop light in the sewing loft.  Pesto pasta.  Quick and delicious, even if the pesto was from 2010. 

Finally, time to get down to counting.  Steven's count was 80; but that was a guess rather than a real count.  I counted.  I have 77.  He wasn't far off.  I didn't think I had more than 75.  That does include the serger and the mid-arm quilting machine.  Only 30 need work.  Some more work than others. 

Kenmore 158.1227

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