Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Singer 306K

This is the best deal I have made.  IT WAS FREE.  Steven was working on a house down the road last winter.  He told Mary and Ed that I was obsessed with sewing machines.  "We have a sewing machine she can have down in the basement"  It was snowy day, just before Christmas, when we went to look at it.   I  opened the cabinet (which was in pretty bad shape) and lifted the machine up.  "Oh , look, its a 306K"  I said, like I knew exactly what it was.....truth is, I read the little lable beneath the stitch length regulator.  But Steven, Mary and Ed were impressed.

When Mary came to fix her 99k over Labor Day, she was so excited to see the 306 all cleaned up.  I offered it to her, but she would not take it.  So, its mine and now I must find a cabinet for it.  I did save the hardware from the original cabinet.  I am not sure why.......

Betsy and I each found a 306 at the Auction last weekend.  Hers is in much better shape than mine, which I am sure is a parts machine.  I think that it was re-timed to take a 15 X 1 needle because I found a 15 X 1 needle in it when I brought it home.   The experts on Vintagesingers  believe that it is wrong to re-time the 206 306 319 to accept the 15 X 1 needle.  As originally designed, these machines take a 206 X 13 needle.  They are available, but not in all sizes and the double needle is no longer made.  My 306K pictured here has one double needle in the goodies box.

I honestly had thought about posting this on eBay. This was the eBay picture.   I can't do it now, not after I saw how excited Mary was that I fixed it all up.  Honestly, I only thought I should sell it because I have so many machines.                         


  1. Dont sell it! I have this same puppy. I even have the cabinet and bench and extra parts and original in the package double needle that all came with it. I bought on C's List for $100. It can do auto uphoulstry, so I imagine a leather jacket, no problem. I say this is one of Singer's best designed models and I have seen the stitch-pattern cogs for 2-3 dollars ea. on ebay. -Todd Homer

    1. HI Todd

      I did not sell it. It is now in the "museum." Collecting dust. I do dust them off once a week when I clean (do you REALLY believe THAT?). Seriously I do like this machine. It makes such lovely stitches AND IT CAN BE TREADLED!!!! My new favorite thing to do to old Singers. I have several of the "cams" Lucky Me.

  2. Hi from Australia! I have one of these in a treadle electric in beautiful condition but it probably needs a new motor as smells of burning when started so haven't tried anything. I would love to know how to restore this properly. What website to purchase things from and how to do it? Can you help?

    1. Sorry. I only know places in the states which are listed on the page Resources....

    2. Margaret, You may want to rethink finding your 306 a new home. When the mother board fails on the Husqvarna, you will want a machine. I bet all the 306 needs is cleaning and oiling. Clean the metal on metal contacts with some denatured alcohol and apply new sewing machine oil.

    3. Thank you Elizabeth. I had cleaned and oiled it but I will try your method and buy some new oil. However I can't keep it as I have to downsize before moving to an apartment. If I get it working perhaps it will become saleable at least. I would dearly love to have another sew with it.

  3. I make mascots and often some of the more modern lighter machines have a lot of trouble with multiple layers of fabric. So when I saw my 306K for $40 in a second hand store I jumped!!!
    Unfortunately it did not have a foot control and I was not able to find one.. so with a little (ahem) modification I was able to transplant one of my other machine foot controls onto to it. I have a lot of electronics experience.
    It's a fantastic machine. Strong, reliable, and able to handle ANYTHING I push through it.
    As it came with a box but no top I am currently searching for a cabinet for this.
    This machine is older (not by much) than me and will certainly last the years. Nice to know I can convert it to a pedal too.


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