Sunday, October 30, 2011

How many sewing machines does it take?????

There are seven sewing machines in the car.  I cracked the 338's case when I was putting the seats up.  No worries, I used lock tite and it is all ok now, but I use a strap around the whole machine just in case (do you think that is a pun??)  I am supposed to bring functioning machines.  Technically the machines all function, not necessarily correctly.  Honestly I have not tried the 206.  I had wanted to toss (I use that term figuratively since it weighs 30 + pounds) in the Riccar.  No room.  Unless I want to wear the same clothes all week.

This exercise was very good for me.  I have my tools organized and condensed.  The shop looks much better, now too.  I think it is time to start working on the cabinets.

I sold a machine last week and sent a cabinet along with it.  I got a phone call today and learned that the machine is working very well.  And the buyer wants to come over and have me teach her how to service her own machines.  She has more than two.  I can't wait to see what she has!!!!  I bet she catches this affliction.  OOHH LA LA.

More blogging from class all week.  I know I will learn so much.

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