Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How could I say no?

Today I drove west 150 miles to fetch my Wheeler and Wilson Number 8.  When I arrived at my destination, there were five additional machines to greet me, along, of course, with the most wonderful couple in the Finger Lakes.  We laughed about my first visit.  I was so excited looking at all of their wonderful antiques and vintage sewing stuff.  There was a gorgeous spool cabinet and I opened it right up, just like I was family... contained some valuables.  Oh we had a laugh about my gall.

Last June when I first met them, I had the grand tour of all the machines.  I went after a Howe and came home with several additional machines.  I think my haul was five machines then.  This time I came home with six.   We were all amazed that I fit the W & W 8 with its treadle base,  a Singer 15-91 and its cabinet,  a Singer 99-13 and its cabinet, an Elna Super matic, a Domestic, and a darling Singer 128 complete with a gorgeous excellent condition carrying case in the Jetta sport wagon.  Where there is a will there is a way. 

1935 Singer 15-91
1925 Singer 128
1930 Singer 99-13
Foot pedal for 99-13. Right, my size ten is going to fit that!!!!
Domestic Rotary
The Elna Supermatic
I have benefited greatly from such generosity.  These other five machines were just given to me.  How about that?  We all love the machines and A. said she doesn't believe that she owns any of these wonderful old machines, she just is caring for them until it is time to pass them along.  I agree.


  1. I am JEALLLLLLLL---OUSSSSS!!!!! What a blessing! Have fun!

  2. I am so happy my beloved machines went home with such a great person and devoted sewing machine enthusiast. You took my machines but left me with happy memories of meeting you.Have a wonderful time with them. You made it so much easier to part with them. A.