Sunday, October 30, 2011

Don't leave me alone in the Wood shop or We aren't building pianos, here.

My Finger Lakes friend gave this case top to me.  She was going to throw it away and I just could not let that happen.  I knew I could fashion a bottom for it somehow.
Steve had to work today so I was alone in his shop with his chop saw, table saw and some stashed hardware.  There were plenty of scraps so I did not need to use the table saw.  Truthfully I hate the idea of the table saw.  It scares me terribly, ever since I saw "Walk the Line." The music from that movie is a different story.  I think I will play that CD this afternoon...

As you can see I chose to set the latch off center. I will remove the old hardware when i get back from Ithaca.  I just wanted to get this functional.  There is a latch on the other side and with the added strap, this is very sturdy.  My 401 is in that case.  That machine is very precious to me... I learned to sew on it.  I am taking it to class with me because the center needle position is off center.  I hope we can fix that.

Steve cam home and I showed him my product.  He turned it over and saw the imprecise work and the shim.  I said "We aren't building pianos, here."

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