Monday, October 10, 2011

Re wiring the Three Pin Terminal End Female Half

I finally did accomplish this task but not without scraped fingers and knuckles and many start overs.  I am not happy with my result. I plan to redo this with AWG 18 SPT-1wire as soon as I get some.  Or maybe I will just buy a new one........The more I learn about this featherweight, though, the less interested I am in spending a bunch of cash on it.  My time is free, as long as I am not on the clock at work.  For 5 bucks worth of wire I could have a better job than I have now.  Plus I have  ton of experience on this job.

I don't like that exposed wire.  I could purchase some liquid electrician's tape and coat it.  But I think that I would rather have less bulk in the body of the terminal end and have more flexibility to tie that cute little knot that was on the original
The things that I learned:

The brass terminal connectors need to screw down very tightly or else they WILL NOT FIT.  They only fit one way. 

It is best to fit #3 (red wire) and #2 black wire BEFORE  trying to fit #1.  I soldered the two #1 wires together at first and struggled to make it fit.  Then I had a FIT and cut everything off and started over.  My next attempt at soldering went better but I still could not get it to fit so I cut that joint off and started over AGAIN.  This time I worked to get #s 2 and 3 to fit just right and then put the thing back together and screwed it all down tight and left it overnight.  Wire has memory so I figured shaping the wire that way wuld help me out.  It did and I finally finished this after another two hours of struggle.

I did test it out and the motor runs.  That, however, is ANOTHER story.

I don't want to jinx this machine but I am so tempted to name it Citron.  Not yet.  I will see what comes of the tight turning hook.  If that thing is warped, well then.........

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