Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Packing for class

I plan to take eight sewing machines with me to class next week.  There they are, seven of the eight.  I still have to pack up the 401a.

I may just throw the Riccar in as well.  I would rather have too many machines, than not enough.  None of these machines are as filthy as the Lotus.  Oh well, maybe the 206 is .  The new 301 is very clean, but the motor sounds sluggish.   

I tried to organize my tools.  We all know how challenged I am in that regard.  (for new viewers refer to previous posts).

I used a 301 out in the shop to make a roll up for my picks and tweezers.  I used old jeans and just threw it together.  Very functional.  But not at all pretty.

I used Irene to make a much nicer one for the pliers and scissors.  That was a fun little project.  I love to treadle.
Room for a couple more tools....

And I love Irene.  She just sailed right through that denim.  Not like the plastic machines of these days.  I don't mind that she doesn't have back tack.  I would not want to make a big project on her for that very reason.  Still, she makes a very nice stitch and I am getting much better at treadling.


  1. I have the same model but with a knee control. Just cleaned and oiled it. I just love the way it stitches.