Saturday, October 29, 2011

Featherweight Stitches!!!!!

  Thanks to two very generous and kind folk in the sewing machine community, my Centennial featherweight stitches.  I must thank Deloris Pickens (  )  and Glenn Williams   (  They helped me out with two very important parts:  the needle plate and the hook.  I cannot say enough about how kind and generous these folk are.  When I posted on one of my yahoo groups that I had purchased a featherweight at an auction and it was lacking the bobbin case base position bracket, Mrs. Pickens emailed me and offered me a needle plate complete with the position bracket. What great good luck THAT was.  I also received an email from another group member  who directed me to Mr. Williams. I emailed him, and he called me back.  At first I thought that the bobbin case base was the problem.  Mr. Williams sent me one promptly when I ordered it.  I swear my check and the bcb crossed in the mail.  When it turned out to be the whole hook assembly, no problem. I emailed him that I was returning the bcb.  He emailed me right back and offered to take my complete faulty hook assembly, the bcb he sent me in exchange for a complete and functional hook assembly.  Now how about that? I sent his bcb back to him along with my complete faulty hook assembly and I KNOW that the new complete hook assembly and my parts crossed in the mail.  Today I received the new parts and I was able to take a stitch with Glenda Dee (wonder why I named her that?) today.  OOOOHHHH I love this machine.  No wonder everyone wants one.  What a nice, straight, stitch.

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