Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another Singer 66 Continued

I got home about One oclock this afternoon with the new machine.
I spent about three hours cleaning and oiling and I have many more to go. The needle bar, the presser bar, the foot and the tension assembly parts are all clean.  I could not resist spending some time on the body.
Oh how I love this hobby.   I have no idea what that red streak is on the left side of the photo.  It isn't on the machine, I  reassure you.  I used Dr. Woods Almond oil Castile soap that I found in the natural foods section of my grocery store.  I think Dr. Bronner's makes one too.  I rinse with sewing machine oil to get the soap residue off.  I will try to apply a wax over this to keep it clean, but I haven't yet.


  1. It's beautiful!!! Is that decal called the Lotus? SEW pretty! I tried to leave a comment this morning, and blogger wouldn't let me. Glad it let me now. I love your hobby as well. You said you were going to Delmar. We have a Delmar just five miles from me. It's a good thing it's not the same Delmar, or you and I would have had a fight on our hands! LOL!

  2. I love the Lotus decal 66's, I have one sitting on the top shelf of my built in and the colors of the decals goes great with my color scheme in my dining room. I love cleaning them up too, they can really surprise you at how good they can look, way better than you thought. You are obsessed for sure, as am I... I don't think it will ever end, do you? lol
    Gwen, the vintage seamstress (have to sign as annoy. otherwise I can't post!)

  3. What are you using to clean with? It sure works well. I've been using kerosene for the heavy stuff, the non-grit GoJo with cotton balls. This works well but takes patience.

    Thanks - Steve

  4. It's beautiful!
    I look forward to owning a Lotus one day :)))

  5. Did you know this? I suddenly remembered my late mother telling me this. In Europe some sewing machines were getting a dull lacquer outlook (tobacco, peatfires and the likes fumes) and after WWII sewing machine repairers would attack that dull lacquer with agressive soaps, then let them dry and relacquer them again in order to make them more sale-able in their secondhand shop. So, some of those yellowed lacquer will never come off over here in Europe. I do check with a salivadampened fingertip to make sure it is just fumediscoloured, not relacquered. Just one tiny fingernail large spot, mind you, on a part of the SM one does not touch when just inspecting it quickly. Reina

  6. I've never seen decals clean up like this!! Do you use Dr. Woods Castile soap only? I've got to get some!! This machine looks beautiful