Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Big Girls' quilt from baby clothes

July 2010 I started working on a quilt for a dear friend.  She had gathered all of her favorite baby things of her daughters and brought them to me last spring.  Finally, in July, I got inspired to work on it.  I started with two pair of adorable pants with pockets  and made the first square.
Then I just kept picking apart clothes and sewing things back together.  I used everything given to me  me.  The only thing I used new was the batting.

  Just as I finished this quilt the Husqvarna stopped zigzagging.  The machine went to the shop.  I bought a used Viking 6010 from Betsy because I wanted to keep up the momentum.  I caught momentum all right.  Not sewing momentum.  SMAD (sewing machine acquisition disorder) momentum.  Besty would not sell me one of her 66s that I wanted for my Grace Machine Quilt frame so I found one on Craigs list and she helped me clean it up and get it stitching.  That was when I was afflicted. 

In a way this quilt started it all.  I want to get back to sewing.  But I love meching on old sewing machines........ I just don't have enough time.

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  1. My time seems to be collecting and cleaning old sewing machines too...just not enough time for sewing! be blessed!