Friday, November 22, 2013

You tube

I re-wired a 201-2 motor today.  I took a very bad video of it after I was finished.  I re-wired this motor for a friend.  Of course I had to try it out to be sure it would work before I shipped it to her.  It actually works better than the one that is on the machine.  Hmmmm.

It looked like this:
But now it sounds like this:

If you want to see the finished project:


  1. I am so inspired, I pulled apart the Lotus that came with the treadle stand I need for the 237. I unscrewed everything and soaked all the rusty parts in Apple cider vinegar, and now they are clean. I oiled it and it actually moves! I had to do something in response to a revived motor.

  2. Wow, impressive that you can save what is very scary looking wiring. I also remembered I have not sewn on my 201 in a while and need to sew something on it. I am presently doing some alterations on my 401 as I needed the zz. so many machines -so little sewing time Lol! Have come to really love the vintage machines and not so much the new ones any more except for machine embroidery.

  3. It's true, they multiply! I came home from work the other day with a sixties singer and a whole lot of sewing stuff. An old woman had died and her son hoped that someone could use it. I couldn't just throw it out, could I? Lol hopefully, I can give it a service and find it a good home.