Monday, November 4, 2013

This changes EVERYTHING

Just yesterday I was informed, via a reader, that my new favorite machine has a plastic, and vulnerable, part.  I was surprised.  The machine weighs a veritable TON.  So tonight after work I had to see of which marolsh spoke.  (See yesterday's blog and comments).

There it is, behind the stitch width regulator, a plastic eccentric.  At least I would call it an eccentric. 
It sits just behind the stitch width regulator knob.  It looks to be in good shape.  I will use the machine until it breaks.  It may never break.  But I won't be sacrificing the Singer 237 now, after all. 

Unless, when I set the White 130 up to treadle, I really really really love it.

Or I could treadle the Morse.  But that seems like such a waste.  The motor is a beast.
It is nice to have options, though.  Gosh.  I am disappointed about that Riccar.  But hey, look at all of the choices I have !  And likely there are more buried in my stash somewhere.  Come to think of it there is a very nice Montgomery Ward  back in there.   Gotta have a look tomorrow.


  1. Ugh. Breaks my heart when I see a plastic piece. Happened to me w/ a Kenmore. Thought I hit the jackpot until I opened up the bottom and saw that nylon gear. Love that Morse. That's one I've yet to cross off my list. :)

  2. ...and then there's the Montgomery Wards jewel series zig zags (my new gorgeous favorite), the Brother automatic zz, many,many,many Whites, early zz Kenmores and I'm sure more. They are all super heavy, but all sew like a dream. I call them "The Hybrids" because they can all be either electric or treadle mounted.