Friday, November 8, 2013

How do you spell neglect? J U K I

  This serger has been sitting and waiting for me since June.  A. chastised me when she was here for the TOGA.  I felt a bit guilty.  Not enough to drop everything and start using it then, though.  I did think about it every day.  I guess the guilt got to me finally and today I was determined to set it up with "real" thread.  It had been threaded with red, blue, green and yellow to help me learn how to adjust the tension.  Nice combination of thread colors for Halloween.  Not for making fleece hats. 

I think the thing intimidates me. I managed to get some thread tangled up as I re-threaded it.  I tried tying the new thread to the old, but it came un-tied.  I made a better knot and was successful in just sewing the new thread through on the final thread. I was surprised that the knot actually went through the eye of the needle.

Next time I am going to try that with all of the threads.  But one at a time. 

Sergers are not sewing machines.  They do not function at all like sewing machines.  I think that intimidates me.  Once I set it up and played with it, I remembered how much fun it was to use. 

Last December I went nuts buying fleece when I went to NC.  I bought more when I went back in August.  I have a lifetime supply of fleece.  Perhaps that is hyperbole.  Let's just say I have a sufficiency and anything more would be a superfluity. (I must add here that there are members of my family who believe that I have a superfluity of sewing machines.  Ahem.)   Tomorrow I plan to make some fleece hats.  I made a few last winter while in NC.  I have been unhappy with the results.  They don't fit right.

Just before Betsy went home she helped me use the serger to go over the top seam of one of those hats.  By "help" I mean that she stood next to me while I used the JUKI.  She was there for moral support.    The hat fits much more comfortably now.  I think it would feel even better were it to have a true serged seam.  Tomorrow.  The serger will come out Tomorrow. 


  1. I think a serger would have to fall into my lap in order for me to have one. I am intimidated by them. All those threads and the cutter that constantly trims, yikes. I console myself with just making quilts and sometimes purse/bags. The only thing I have made with fleece are quillows which people like. That takes a lot of fleece. I have one to make for my granddaughter, the fleece is just sitting here In a bag.

  2. I almost always re-thread my serger by tying on the new thread but not through the needle. That can have dire results in a couple of ways and it's easier to pull just the looper threads anyway. On the other hand, I have had to re-thread using the book which can take a lot of practice but does give me a feeling of accomplishment after the umpteenth try. Love my serger. Love my treadles.

    1. I tried pulling. It didn't work. Got a tangled mess. My intent was to watch for the knot and just thread the needle when I saw it. TOO LATE ! I didn't see the knot until it was IN the eye of the needle.

  3. Baste with a Kenny, and reduce your stitch density on the Juki.
    Usually you only pull threads through the loopers with knots. Did you release the tension first? On my machine just raising the presser foot does not do this- there is an additional lever.
    Yeah superfluity!

    1. I saw that stitch density in the photos. I knew you would too. HAH!