Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Eye Candy

Singer 403A
 Singer's finest.  OK so the 401A is Singer's finest, but this is just like it but without as many built in stitches.  I personally like this machine because it is simpler than the 401A.  Just as strong and reliable. Gear driven, internal motor.  Strong like bull

Sears Kenmore 158.1814
 This Kenmore has sleek lines and styling  It makes a lovely stitch.  Comes with cams for decorative stitching, too.
Kenmore 158.1930
I am partial to this type of Kenmore.  While the 1814 is a bit more modern, for some reason, this style appeals to me.  I love the extension table and how it fits into the carry case. No cams with this machine but it has every built in stitch anyone could desire. 

I have to admit it, this Kenmore 158.1940 is a favorite of mine.  It is very much like my 1760 but without the additional cams.  I can get by without it, but the free arm is just plain nice to have. 
 And check out the smocking stitch. 

Kenmores of the vintage (1970s) are really sweet machines,  But the Whites from the decade prior are  hefty and strong.  Hefty means heavy, folks.  They weigh a ton.  But when you are trying to sew heavy things, you need the ballast.  
I just took in another one, a bit simpler than this 167.  It is yet to be serviced. 

And then there is this White 477.  Looks like it could take off from the runway, yes?
Of course, my favorite White is the green one because I have it in my green treadle stand.  It can be converted back to electric.  If I ever wanted to do so.


  1. Thank you for sharing so many lovely vintage 'treats' with us for Thanksgiving.

  2. Hey, I have one of those 403s. It was the second machine I bought. I took it to Ithaca to tune it up. I should get it out and use it. I do love the 401 also which is what I use to zig zag. My friend brought over the same color white, a 639, for me to fix. It has a shredded belt and a bare wire out of the foot controller, so I don't know if it sews. Motor runs.

  3. I am not that great with sewing machine, I usually sew with hands only, that smocking stitch is perfect, well its the convenient of using machine at all, I should learn to use some, thanks for this it cheers me up at all.