Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Odd, but worth it.

 Most domestic sewing machines take the common 15 X 1 (or 130/705 system ) sewing machine needle.  This is quite convenient. The Singer 206, 306 and 319, don't.  You must use a 206X13 needle in those machines. It isn't a huge deal.  The needles are available, though a bit more dear than the 130/705 system.  For that reason I have avoided using my 306K and 319W.

Singer 319W
Singer 306K
The 206 still needs some work, I am ashamed to admit. It has been sitting on the shelf since I returned from Ray White class two years ago. 
Singer 206K
 Tonight, after dinner, but before Downton Abbey,  I thought I would set up a zig zag machine in preparation for inside sewing.   It is much too cold out in the sewing loft now.   I was going to haul the Riccar in from the loft.  Brrrr. I really didn't want to traipse out there to fetch a machine.  Aha, the 319W lives inside.  No, no, no, remember how hard it was to get it out of that base?  Use the 306K!


The leather belt that fit the 66 so well was way too tight for the 306. I had to install the coil spring belt . It took me about 5 minutes to do so.  I also took off the bobbin winder.  The belt rubbed against it and the noise drove me nuts.  The belt does rub against the metal lift spring, too, but I buffered that with some tape.  I know, I know, TACKY. 

 Still,  the stitch is worth it. 
Top stitches
Bottom stitches


  1. *Pic1* Oooohhh!

    *Pic2* Ahhhhhh!

    *Pic3* *Drooling*


  2. I need to check out the spring coil belts. I hate cutting and making the holes for the leather belts.

    1. I actually prefer the yellow urethane belt (McMaster Carr). I need a coil spring for the 306 because one must tip the machine back to access the bobbin case (stupid design, IMNSHO).

  3. I learned to sew on my mom's Singer 206K when I was 12, when she upgraded to a Touch and Sew she gave me the 206k which was in sad shape. Broken parts, missing screws etc.
    Periodically I visited Singer dealers trying to find parts for it, but it stayed broken until the miracle of eBay came along. One 206k being parted out later I have a perfect 206K that I learned to sew on in 1966! I still love it.
    And whenever I try to sew on a black singer I automatically flip the machine back on it's hinges to change the bobbin, required on a 206k, but useless on the 201 and 66 I own.

    1. HAH! I love it ! I think that my mother actually had a 206 before her 401. She didn't recognize mine but stated that she had the first Singer ZZ and that it wasn't made in the US. The 206, I think.

  4. Beautiful machines! And how was the zz-ing?

  5. I find my coil spring belt to be quiet. Maybe even silent. I learned how to exchange my leather belt for the coil at TOGA and I've been most pleased with it. Maybe it depends on how loose or tight it is? I believe I accidentally got mine perfect.

    1. My coil spring belt is quiet on the other treadle stand. On this one, it rubs on the metal machine lift that sits to the right of the machine. I asked Steven to take a look, "File the hole so that it fits or put the leather belt back on." Some help he was !

  6. Absolutely beautiful machines! I'd stock up on those needles and enjoy myself. I'm pea green with envy!