Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I gave the dogs haircuts and baths last weekend.  I must have clipped Wrigley a bit close.  He was shaking his head and scratching at his face. One spot kept scabbing over and breaking open.  I tried everything.  It just kept getting worse. 

Finally we had to do it.  We put the collar on him

He did manage to catch a nap

I was sewing today and felt bad for him.  I decided to make a soft collar and see how that would work
 He caught another nap.....
The problem is that this one is too soft.  He can go through the dog door and flip it so that it sits on his shoulders like a shawl.  That won't work.  For now, though, he is wearing it and leaving the hot spot alone.  If worse comes to worse, we can put on the plastic one again.  But he does not like the cone of shame


  1. Wrigley looks so cute tho'!

    1. He is cute The soft collar didn't work. Back to plastic for him now.

  2. Poor thing. One of our dogs was so small, that, he could hardly get a drink with the cone on.