Wednesday, November 13, 2013

After again

 And so you don't have to scroll back to a previous post:
I spent five hours out there today.  More to be done, admittedly.  Someday.  The dogs need baths and haircuts.  If I am lucky I can get them tended to early this weekend and get back out there. 

Along the way I came across these things:

This was in my staple gun storage case.  I had left it in the garden shed. 
 This Pfaff takes an odd needle and is missing its bobbin case.  I have no idea what size bobbin case to look for.  I am pretty sure this was made before the Berlin Wall came down.
Remember the Pfaff (not this one, but there is a story with this one, too)
 I want to play with this one.  It lives in a home made case.  The case weighs more than the machine, I think
Montgomery Ward
 This is not really part of the shop.  At least it isn't supposed to be.  Steven forbade me to spill over into his section.  Do you think he is trying to tell me something?
Coffin top re-glued

Someone re-wired this motor and light block.  Not me.  I think it will be ok.  I just wish I knew where it belongs.  Sigh.
It is always good to spend some time organizing and re-discovering things.  I would love to unload the Pfaff but I can't without the proper parts.  I think that the Montgomery Ward machine is a good one and will suit a beginner.   I have a light weight case for it.  But I hate to dispose of that nice, hefty homemade case.  It is very nicely constructed. 

I also dug out the vintage boom box and a box of cassette tapes.  Tunes to mech by. 


  1. I thought only my husband kept an old tape player downstairs and played 60s and 70s cassette tapes. It is not bad unless I am cleaning machines down there. It is even worse when he starts singing along. There are an inordinate amount of tapes. The shop looks good! The work table looks all clear. I can tell you worked hard.

  2. Shop looks very nice. I have a red Panasonic 8 track player that you push the handle down on to change tracks. Also a few 8 tracks.
    Here's a link to your bug:

  3. Wow - it looks fantastic!! I should clear my space too (books and papers and more books!) *sigh*

  4. I'd be pretty certain the Pfaff is from before the Berlin Wall was put up...

  5. I think you may have more sewing machines than I do. I thought I was the only one that had this addiction to machines and the search for the best stitch ever. How many total do you have? I just got a White 265 and can't wait to use it! Very cool, we are so similar in this addiction.... Lol

    1. Not as many as I once did. Divesting. Feels rather good these days.