Friday, May 17, 2013

What is WRONG with us?

Wednesday night, long after I should have been in bed, I checked Craigs List.  Nothing new in the Albany list but OH MY OH MY what a surprise when I checked Oneonta.
Photo by Ken, the Seller
I could not believe it.   A 201-2 in MY BACK YARD.  (almost, closer than any other 201 I have found).  It was too late to call and the seller refused to honor emails.

Mid morning on Thursday I found time to call.  Something was very familiar about that number.  Turns out, I had responded to a CL ad last week from the same seller.  He was selling a porch glider.  Steven and I went to look at it and rejected it.  Well, Steven rejected it.  I would have bought it.  But it was a VGT (Very Good Thing) that Steven was with me.  He has a much more discerning eye.

I called anyway.  I figured the guy did not take it personally that we did not buy the glider.  I was right.

Today, after Steven and I got a load of manure for the garden we drove to fetch it.

"I'll just stay in the car."

"Good,  I told the guy I was going to buy it and I don't want you nixing the deal."


I hopped out of the car and found Ken and the machine.  The cabinet is trash.  I was going to leave it with him but it had some "bits" in the drawers.  I wanted it all.

"Could I look at the Kenmore?"


It was in rough shape but I saw a fairly new motor on the back of the machine so I handed Mr. Lincoln over and removed the machine from the cabinet.  Now I rather wish I had brought the cabinet along too.  It had those nifty invisible hinges.  I just have NO MORE ROOM.

As we were driving to fetch the 201, my pocket buzzed.  When we arrived at Ken's I looked at my phone.  Two photos via Text message from Betsy.
The text message from Betsy "Good Husband Award"

Turns out, there was a yard sale locally and since Betsy had to work all day, she sent Jack.

"Yes, he does get the good husband award."  I told her when I called her tonight to report on my two new acquisitions.  (The Kenmore 84 I got is clearly a parts machine.)

"I am leaving EARLY tomorrow morning, but there is a Rotary Rummage sale tomorrow on RR avenue and there are two machines there."

"What are they?"  I asked.

"I don't know." 

"I could just decide not to go, Betsy.  But what if there is a 201 there?"

"Or what if there is a little black box?"  she added.

"You know, with the two machine I picked up on Wednesday and the four we got today, we have added SIX machines to our inventory."



No 201 nor a little black box.  There were, as promised, two machines.  Both Singers: a Touch and Sew and a Singer Fashion Mate 438 or something.  I did not pay attention.  I am well known in town as a SMF (Sewing Machine Fanatic).

"Did you see the Sewing Machines?"

"I did."

"Make an offer."

"OK. I will take both of them if YOU pay me 50 dollars."

Needless to say I am holding fast at four machines this week.  


  1. As part of my recovery, today I deleted the bookmark for Craig's List and eBay. DD pointed out I will need these if I ever try to SELL any machines.
    No, I deleted the ones with the search terms I use.
    Next step the phone apps...

    1. Ah, but IIRC, you show much more discretion and restraint than I EVER have.

    2. It is fractional, based solely on space not desire. :0

    3. I don't know. There is always room for one more.

  2. I forgot to tell you, I 'm off to heather's in Conyhgham, Pa. To pick her and grandson Bert up. Oh did I mention it is Conyingham Days! Town wide yard sales?

  3. There is NOTHING wrong with you. You are an ART COLLECTOR and sewing machines are your genre (I think they call it Steam Punk)

    1. OOOHH Steam Punk. I wish my shop looked like an art gallery. I would have a better time finding things!

    2. In the concept of entropy, nature tends from order to disorder, randomness or CHAOS in isolated systems (our shops). Is it "unnatural" to organize?

      I too love to use sewing machine cabinet drawers from crappy stands to defy nature.

    3. Yes, it is unnatural to organize. I admit. But I have limited time and when there is so much CHAOS as there is in the shop, I need to become a communist (ORGANIZE ORGANIZE ORGANIZE)

  4. I just picked up a 201-2 at an antique store less than 2 weeks ago. My cabinet is in wonderful shape, but, I haven't a clue how to work on the motor (light works, but, nothing from the motor, I may have reconnected the wires wrong, not sure). I've never worked on motors before. I'll be checking out your info when I get a chance to work on this machine. Maybe I just need to pass this machine on. Motors/wiring repair scare me.

    1. Oh Cheryl, you can do it yourself. This is a wonderful machine. Check out and you will not be afraid to do it.

      The motor goes to #2 and #3. If you have it hooked up that way, try switching one lead for the other and see what happens. Of course, check the wires that they are good, first.

  5. Nothing wrong with you. You are recovering good equipment and educating people about the value of these machines. For the first time ever in my life, I pulled out the hook and race on my machine and brushed out the (20 years-worth) of lint and put in that one drop of oil. Now she's so (sew?) happy and purrs, and even has that nice machine smell. You inspired me to do that! -- Julie Gathman, Fairfax, VA

    1. I am so glad that I inspired you, Julia. Isn't it FUN?

  6. That looks like a very nice 201. And the cabinet drawers are very cute.Betty

    1. The drawers are now on the work bench helping me get organized. I am harvesting the knee controller for a friend. The rest of the hardware will be removed and the wood BURNED. It is a shame, really. Those school cabinets are very nice. I have two.

  7. I wish I had the talent and the skills!! I agree with Peg, there is nothing wrong at all, and where else could the machines go to get a new lease on life??!