Sunday, May 19, 2013


The school cabinet that came with the 201-2 was too far gone.  The feet on the legs were rotted from sitting in mud.  The veneer was peeling.  The drawers, however, were good as were their frames.  I salvaged them.

I also salvaged ALL OF THE HARDWARE.  The knee controller has already found a new home.  The big spring that helps fold down the machine into the cabinet was a bit rusty.  I soaked it in vinegar and water 50/50 (my new favorite rust remover THANK YOU ANDREA) and it looks like new.  I greased it up to prevent further oxidation and it is all packed away. 

Steven chopped up the timber for me this morning, early.  We had a chilly day here.  So I warmed myself with a fire.  Fueled by, you know what.
I know that there are folks who believe that all things sewing machine should be saved.  I am not one of them.  This cabinet was a MESS.  I have two others exactly like it.  I had no room to store it.  Now it is easily disposable.  I will throw the ashes on the garden.  That way, I will still have some of it around.  Just in a different form.

There was one very nice piece of oak, however, that I saved.  I think I will use it for something.  Don't know what yet.  But something. 

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  1. Sacrilege NOT!!! The warming of your shop and the ashes on your garden - A SACRAMENT - to your shop, body, and the planet. I like funeral pyres - wish I could be put to rest that way.