Sunday, May 12, 2013

Remember the Pfaff?

Today the board of Sewing Machine Magic held a special meeting.  It seems that the company is not doing well and it is time to re-evaluate.

Our president suggested that we market our machines more aggressively.  The Chief Operating Officer agreed.

"I know that we must off load some product.  I just wonder, though, the Pfaff 130 has been touted as semi industrial on the FB group.  I wonder if the 230 is, as well."

"Yes, I had heard that.  But there are so many STEPS and too many levers to make it work!" cried the President of SMM.

"But what if it were just used for straight stitch and Zig Zag?" Countered the COO, calmly. "let me just try. I never sewed with it when I was working on it."

I lugged the thing over to one of the sewing stations in the class room.  Gosh, that thing weighs a ton.  Much more than a 201.  We could never ship it in a card board box.  We would need a crate.

I set it up, tested the straight stitch.  Nice.  The motor was fast and quiet.  I tried a zz.  Very nice.

"I like this machine."

"You like every machine.  What machine have you not liked?"  Gosh she was getting testy.

"Well, up till now, only the Pfaff.  Maybe we should keep it.  It is supposed to be semi industrial.  It is fast and powerful and it sews very nicely."

"Well,  let's see how it goes through this."  The President of SMM handed me some vinyl. 

No problem.

"Hmmm.  I don't know.  OK wait.  let's see if it will go through denim. "

"Oh, but we need a bigger needle for that.  This little 80/14 won't do well."

"Here,  I found a jeans needle. Try that.  Here, try this fabric"

"But it isn't denim !"

It's the closest thing I have right here."  (some days you just don't argue with the President.)

"OK.  8 layers."

No problem.  Not even a whine. 

16 layers.  No protest.

"We don't have anything that will sew through that kind of thickness.  You know that."

"I know.  But we aren't taking it off the website." 

No we are not.  But we are going to raise the price and add a parting fee.  


  1. I knew that Pfaff would capture your heart eventually! But what does this do to our rallying cry, " Remember the Pfaff!"

    1. Perhaps, now, it has a new meaning.

  2. Your SMM President has gone over to the NEW MACHINE Party. She may try to liquidate your entire vintage trust fund, invest in millions of miles of serger thread and set up a basement sweat shop. Resist!!!!!!

    ...(wonder who she'll get to fix her new machines???)

    1. At SMM, we like diversity in our leadership. Oh and with the purchase of her cover stitch machine and the serger, she spent the whole shibang

  3. I looked at your Pfaff 230 (and its clever table.) That machine looks heavy enough for battle. -- Julie Gathman (Fairfax VA)

    P.S. I have relatives in Laurens and Greene (drove there last summer with my daughter). My father grew up in Gilbertsville (visited every summer).

  4. I love this Pfaff machine and have admired it on your website and thought the price was very good for such a machine. I'm surprised it hasn't sold, if I had lived a bit closer to you I would have been tempted a few weeks back. I was offered one of these as my first vintage machine a few years back and was very silly to turn it down. What was I thinking?

  5. OK, OK we'll keep the pfaff, but can the trispan 88 go? Peg, really haven't gone all the way over to the "dark side", still love my Kenmore's 158's, singer 15-91's, 404, 66, white's, new home's, visetti's, Japanese 15 clones ,and treadles. Just have coveted a serger for along time. It really is fun ( and fast). tobsmf2

    1. Just teasing.... Can't wait to play with your NEW toys AND now gifting to you is easy... 4 matching jumbo spools of thread. I know you love your "oldies but goodies."

      Yes, you have so many kenmores... you don't need that pretty trispan. And now you guys have stimulated me to take out my $25.00 pfaff 130 and give her a spin.

    2. Kenmore's? You love Kenmore's? I have a 158.850 that I kinda broke yesterday. Well not the whole thing, I accidentally pulled the little tension spring thingy. The one that you catch the thread on as you thread the machine through the tension. I can't find any information on what I did or if I have to replace it or can I pop it in some how?

    3. That "thingie" is the check spring. It is pretty easily replaced.

  6. help...does any one have any info they can share with me about this one...its an old Pfaff.....1212......TYP 1212115-V (801W) 25-60 HZ .....MASCH-NE 30722050 is everything I can find on it.............and I cant find out anything (so far)...I am trying to help a little 82 year old who just inherited this machine..she needs a manual, some info, anything that would help........she is afraid to even try to thread it without some directions..........I didn't get anywhere at ISMACS so is there someplace else I can look for her? ANYTHING you can tell me will help............

    1. You could join the Yahoo group We fix it and see if anyone there has any ideas. Good luck