Thursday, May 23, 2013

And Love again.

Everyone raves about the 201-2.  Really.   Not only is it a very elegant looking machine.
Singer 201-2 Centennial  FOR SALE
But it makes a very lovely stitch.  After all, isn't that why we love these machines?  For their beauty and their stitch?

I always like to sew a project on a machine after I fix it all up.  Yesterday I made three Wonder Wallets (Lazy Girl Designs) on this 201.

 Isn't it just gorgeous?  The whole machine is not this pristine, but this is what I saw as I stitched along.  I have had ten 201s come through and this one has the nicest decals of all of them.  

And what a stitch.  This little wallet is made from quilter cotton.   I think there are 8 layers there.  The directions called for a walking foot.  I didn't need it, though.  What a nice machine. 

It is on its way to a new home.  But I have more to keep me happy.


  1. i agree... i have 3 in my house and a 1200 set up in my living room. with just the internet and a lots of help from you, i've been able to salvage dozens of machines. thank you!

  2. Hello, I have been looking for a featherweight for some time. Id love to find the same machine that my mom had. It was model # AH811600.

    I'd appreciate any feedback you may have as to how to find this model?

  3. I have a stupid question. Where does one find the replacement pins for the badge? I am refurbishing a 201-2 (first machine) and I would like to remove the badge before blasting and powder coating.