Thursday, May 2, 2013


I used these tools to get Buddy Folly shining again.  Now, when I look at the after photos on the blog, I see some more rust.  Which means that I have to pull the bobbin case out and attack those spots.  I think I may resort to  the dremel attachments and very gently buff the bobbin case.  I just have to find the dremel tool.  I think I last used it on the dogs nails.  I will ask Wrigley and see if he knows where it is.

I bought the rubberized honing stick from Ray White.   It came with the 400 grit sand paper and the honing cord.

 I believe that it might be made by Cratex.

It is a great tool and this one has lasted me almost two years.  It is just getting to the point where it really conforms to the shape and contours of sewing machine parts.  Still, I think I would like to get another.  Might be time to write to Mr. White.

I bought the round finishing stick from him as well.  That was an accidental purchase.   Originally the stick was 6 inches long.  When I was checking it out, I broke it, so I bought it.  Actually at this length it is perfect.  It takes rust off very nicely.  I think it is a Cratex item as well.

My fave, though, is the rubberized honing stick.  I use it on motor commutators, tension discs, hooks, presser feet, almost any metal part that I want to shine up.  It is a wonderful tool.


  1. At the NE TX TOGA they told me about Mother of Mag and Aluminum, would you use the tools with this or just alone?

  2. First I would clean with the sticks. Then I use the polish. I use MAAS.

  3. Never heard of these sticks before, will ask around and see if we have their equivalents in Oz!

  4. Ah, ha. Honing tools......;D